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Onofre Ramalhete asked 3 years ago

Hi, you did a lovely theme. Unfortunately im having two small problems.
1- How can i add another page to the menu? The manu has all the homepage sections but i also want to add a page to the menu. How can i do it?
2- In the About Us section, how can i add an image to the Mission instead of a video?

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Mazedul Islam Staff answered 3 years ago

Thank you very much to write us. However, in those case you need to create a new page from dashboard and add that page at menu. First you go to dashboard> click on page> add new page> put a name> and publish. Then you go to appearance> menus> select the page> click on add to menu> place your page>click on save menu. Finally you will get your expecting menu in menu section. And you need to customize that section where you want to add images instead of video. For your kind information, we do not do any support for our free theme. Being with us.
Best Regards
CodexCoder Support Team

Onofre Ramalhete answered 3 years ago

Hi, thanks for the reply.
I already did everything you mentioned but it doesn’t work. I create new pages, add them to the menu options, save the menu but the homepage will only show the sections.
If i stay in my homepage, the only thing i see in the menu are the sections. But if i go to the /new-page/ directly by URL, i can see the normal menu i customize.
The problem is the homepage’s menu not updating to what i customize in the menu options.