Change dropdown menu style: background color for current page

QuestionsChange dropdown menu style: background color for current page
neoben asked 3 years ago

I’m trying to change the background of the section of a dropdown menu related to the current page.
In particular, I discovered that I need to edit the CSS section .dropdown-menu > .active > a from the CSS file bootstrap.min.css (line 5).
Is there a way to edit that section from the wordpress admin dashboard without accessing the file from the server where my website is hosted?
Thank you!

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Mazedul Islam Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks to write us. However, you can go to Appearance> editor> style.css . We think you can fulfill your requirements with this way. If you have any more queries, you can write us here: Hope you will being with us and co-operate with us.
CodexCoder Support Team 

neoben replied 3 years ago

Hello,the CSS class I’m looking for is not present in the style.css file.As I highlighted in the previous question, I discovered that the CSS section I need to change is in the bootstrap.min.css file.Using the browser development console, I’m able to change this option, but I need to change that permanently.The first thing I tried to do is to look for this CSS class in the style.css without success, here it is why I posted the question.Regards