Visualization problem upgrading to WordPress 4.5.2

QuestionsVisualization problem upgrading to WordPress 4.5.2
neoben asked 3 years ago

I found a visualization problem with Classy Pro template after upgrading WordPress to 4.5.2 version.
In the footer and so in the social and contact sections the fontawesome icons are no more aligned.
You can see the issue in the following website: (take a look at the footer).
Are you able to provide an update or any kind of solution to solve the problem?

1 Answers
Mazedul Islam Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks to write us. However, we saw your problem. In this case you can edit the core style.css. The code is 
.touch-widget .icon i {
    margin-top: 10px;

.social-media-btn i {
 margin-top: 10px;


If you face any trouble then, you can write us again. 
Best Regards
CodexCoder Support Team